The Grey Anniversary

Its been a year since I signed up to WordPress as The Grey Pumpkin. The blog started off as a platform to motivate by sharing my feelings on being an overwhelmed college kid but it evolved into poetry. I only just started writing poetry 5 months ago and this was something that I never fathomed... Continue Reading →

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Aggravated Healing

My only request, For when your lips Rest upon mine, That you lift off the pain You so chastely planted Upon them Featured Image

A Tiny Love Letter

the roses you left smell politely of you even long - long after the sun has dried them to crisp your scent still lingers I wonder how you are do the stars still fascinate the innocence in you? and the long walks? do they still find you - find you mesmerized by the sound of... Continue Reading →

I’m Okay Though

I don't want to carry my own loss as a burden to my resting soul I'd rather stay home and forget how to drive so when I do get the chance I can recklessly escape the prison that has captured me I feel okay with the idea of loss. Losing interest in pieces that filled... Continue Reading →

Dear Angry Me

Dear Self, whats colder to you? your heart or ice. Because honestly, I think you feed off that nitrogen that burns when its cold why are you so angry? so bitter so cold. Do you even put lemon in your tea to garnish or to feed your constant scowl is there a dark cloud hovering... Continue Reading →

Puppy Love

"Do you lay awake at night after our 10 p.m. phone call and stare at the ceiling and smile? I do, It feels like giggles forming in my tummy and butterflies playing on my chest like when you tell the silliest of jokes or when in math class Mr Joe catches us passing notes and... Continue Reading →


"Lets start you off with a few questions. Okay?" do you cry yourself to sleep? do your tears wet the bed? and leave you shivering all night? what about your chest? ever feel heavy with all the weight you carry? do you ever force yourself to cough? to try and remove the pain? what about... Continue Reading →

A Windy Affair

The winds have come together And strung music on trees Like violins that create beautiful tremors in rooms full of humans. and created a bubble for us to escape in. We hold hands as we lay beneath the stars and imagine the futures we thought we had you whisper goodbye and brush off the single... Continue Reading →


THE RAIN SCENE Its obviously raining in this scene A girl has her hair dripping along with the rain. her makeup has found its true love on the collar of her shirt creating mish-mash of colors for the wash to enjoy She has become a ball of frizz, has lost hope and has slowed down... Continue Reading →

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