Green gardens

GREEN GARDENS There are only gardens in my view That's where my serenity lies Not in humans Or in podcasts on success And definitely not in my chest When panic settles in And breathing shallows. Not on my bathroom floor With my eyes hooded Cowering from flickering lights. I dream of being in gardens Sipping... Continue Reading →



Sprawled against the lawn whispering melodies  to herself, as the butterflies linger about her moving like a painters brush swiped with splashes of pastels against canvas. Her skin, turning gold then bronze like burnt caramel she sticks to your lips and murmurs quotes from books subtly in conversation its easy to miss With her feet dangling... Continue Reading →


Be the river that brings tears to clouds so their sadness trickles down and finds way to bloom the earth -The Grey Pumpkin   Photo by Axel Holen on Unsplash

Hidden Strength

I am volumes of scratches, tears and wounds sown together by the jabs constantly thrown Even when my voice cracks and I whisper in response the lioness speaks to the goddess within and a flame is built, one that only I can feel. I may cower at your feet but only to buy time. As... Continue Reading →

Dear void

Dear Void, Close the gaps in my heart. I've experienced nothingness at the hands of your whim. Tip my glass let it spill over. my hope is hopeless my oceanic eyes have dried salt beds have filled my tongue. Replenish me, Please. Restore faith once held. This here my white flag. Dear void, I've surrendered... Continue Reading →

Crossroads reek

Crossroads only meet under broken streetlights after fiddling with key chains and ignitions at messes spilled on sticky floors from rooms filled with lights and nuts in bowls on counter tops that reek of spilled consumables and lonely folk in groups of five searching for prey.   Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

Your trophy

Secure and standing upon a pedestal. I was beautiful and golden. Guarded by thorns and shrubs in forests deep. Vines intertwined and impossible to reach. I shone in the light and glistening to your delight. You paved your way towards me and carried me beautifully as I was now your price. When you set me... Continue Reading →


Butterflies play hide and go-seek sometimes in rivers and sands and fields and soils with fluttering like little wind kisses dancing on skin like ladies in dresses on floors with lights Like goosebumps in winter after Opera shows with voices like magic like mystery and love and romance and love and music and love Like... Continue Reading →

Roses Are Red

Roses stay red as long as they stay unpicked Like my heart before it knew you Violets stay blue & somber As long as the winds stay cool Like lemonade, the sweet kind, sugar will remain sweeter than you. Photo by Erin DeFuria on Unsplash

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