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Its been a year since I signed up to WordPress as The Grey Pumpkin. The blog started off as a platform to motivate by sharing my feelings on being an overwhelmed college kid but it evolved into poetry. I only just started writing poetry 5 months ago and this was something that I never fathomed to do. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and even though I’ve fallen off the wagon plenty a time,  I am extremely grateful i’m exploring a different side to myself.
Through all my inconsistency, I am extremely grateful for the continued support I have received and to all the kind people I have met on this platform. thank you all so very much .

lots of love

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I’ve had my limbs outstretched
For days on end
Waiting for the embrace you once promised

On the night of the first
Under  dim candlelight,
You Professed,
your unending love for me.
With my handheld up to your chest
and waterworks forming at the corners of our eyes
I knew Ours was one for the books.

Right after the chaste kiss
you planted so hastily upon my lips
Terror had filled you up into three,

It boiled deep within you
eating at the smooth lines outlining your face
Wrinkled and angry, all your crevices began to show.
without saying a word,
chaos formed about you.

You trampled,
You Hurt
and tore at my heart
But still, I wait
For you

They Grey Pumpkin

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

New Love

We have set new entries in our minds
Have opened up to dates so insignificant before
Pen to paper to remember the genuine affairs that started memories
to reminisce on
right now and

What once was a normal afternoon
has spread into bullets of blushes & kisses
Sunrise on treetops,
Warm hugs and tea,
Cosy underneath me you and us.

The 25th of forever
An Aging story
Chapters of unspoken words, truths and hurts
have spilt into wooden floors
Trickling as time collects into
wearing & tearing of roots growing
into us

Securing my chest into yours
I’ve caged my heart,
like birds that sing so solemnly
sprayed freely into rivers
like bursts of glitter bombs into the midday sky

This is a love letter
I have only felt once
for days like today and others to come
will be filled unknowingly,
with feelings
felt so strongly for you.

-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Dearly Beloved.

Dearly Beloved,

It is you sometimes
That haunts me in my sleep
How cliche are you?
Finding the most mediocre way to torment me.
Leaving me restless
as you whistle the same words you did before

Constantly rocking me over

Me –
A tossing and turning mess

Are you not tired?
running in circles
Creating conversations with yourself
All. Night. Long
A constant reminder of the damage you did.

like glass, you shatter my sleep,
like drywall, you punch at me
like water, you boil.
All of this,
In. My. Head.

I don’t think of you at all
but my mind runs deep of your thoughts.


-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Her- 2

I have heard her whistle
In tune with her emotions,
High Pitched when anxiety peeks
Low when twitching catches her legs

I have watched her wonder,
Gazing into the night
Fear holding her tears back
But she stays,
Brave as the night’s owls
Feet deep-rooted into the earth’s soil

I have seen her,
Goddess in sunlight
Bronzed and dewy
Sun Kissed and Glowy
With lashes so long
Shadows dance beautifully about her

I have seen her
and loved her
and become her

-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash

A Gift

I would like to gift you

The moon and the stars

Not rainbows and trees

Or sunshine and dust

But bursts of shatter in the dark sky

A reflection of you

In energy, In form.

-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Eidy Bambang-Sunaryo on Unsplash

Magic- a night show

Comes alive in hostels
With dim lights
and cigarette burns,
brown stained walls,
onto dusty green wall to wall carpets.
When daily lies have turned into
nightly truths
Magic appears
only in
and dark alleys
Dumpsters and
laughter and tears
suffocated by vibrations and echoes
Magic appears
where normal isn’t norm
in dirty euphoric elation

-The Grey Pumpkin


Fear- A past life

What’s stopping you from being
A magnificent being
A fireball of energy?

What do you fear
Do you even know you’re scared?
Hidden behind closed minds
and hard exterior
Can you even smile?

I dare you to live without limits
Become great and majestic
Fear can’t hold you back

-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

A Pocket Full

I want to wrap up this feeling of
blushing and giggles under night skies and cool breeze.
Being cheesy and corny
Tacky and cute
Placing pecks on my cheeks
And sharing childhood dreams

I want to save it for myself
Place in my Pocket and forget it for weeks
And only fish it out after laundry’s been done.
Hold it to my face and play the memory record over and over.

I want to pocket my feelings.
Wrap them in gold.
For me to feel when you’ve left and I’m lonely.

-The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Hopeless- A romantical

I wish you could take me
into bliss.


And escape into me
like the conjoined beings we are.

Let’s create;
infinite identities
Illusions in our bubble
Clouded like judgement
on heavens door.

We will knock onto each other
Play songs on our lips
And whisper
as histories and past presents
escape outwards into unknown futures

I pray ours is everlasting.

The Grey Pumpkin

Photo by Deanna Lewis on Unsplash

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